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Premises Information Box (PIB) Fire Safety Plans.

The Premises Information BoxTM (PIB)® offers a recognised
focal point for the provision of premises plans and information to attending firefighters in the event of an incident.

A Premises Information Box (PIB)

A Premises Information Box (PIB) should be provided in all high-rise residential buildings, and is also often recommended for more complex facilities.

To assist in formulating fire fighting tactics and to reduce risks to firefighters, it is essential that relevant, up-to-date and practical information about any complex fire safety design is provided and available at the affected building. Working with local authority fire services, the Premises Information Box has been developed to enable such information to be immediately available on site, while being kept secure.

Premises Information Boxes are required to provide up-to-date information to aid firefighters in the emergency evacuation or rescue of people with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairment.

Tall Buildings

Legislation & Guidance

In the Government Guidance on the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, plans and specifications are identified as an aid both to fire risk assessment and to the Fire & Rescue Service in the event of a fire.

The Premises Information Box provides a secure, recognised focal point for all parties concerned with the fire safety of a building and the protection of assets within it.

Your building may store hazardous materials, valuable equipment or irreplaceable data; since each premises is unique, the PIB has been designed to accommodate information in a range of formats.


The PIB has the facility to hold A3 plans for the Fire & Rescue Service as well as in digital format with more detailed information, allowing the content to be customised to your building.

 What's Included, 

  • Blank Log Book for recording the event associated with the PIB. 

  • Record and details of any non-operational fire safety equipment. 

  • Overview Plan, showing the location of the building in relation to surrounding buildings and water supplies for firefighting equipment such as; hydrants, wet riser supplies, etc.

  • Building plans / Floor plans showing the internal layout.

  • Information that might be useful to the Fire & Rescue Service on arrival at the incident.

  • A simple layout of plans showing facilities of particular relevance to operational firefighting hazards. 

  • Personal Rescue Emergency Plans (PREPs / PEEPs) for residents with mobility, cognitive or sensory impairment that might be unable to self evacuate. 

  • Description of significant fire safety issues such as; compartmentation, external wall systems, building design features or other issues which may effect the behaviour of the fire and fire spread.

  • A description of the current fire strategy e.g, stay put policies, simultaneous evacuation, phased evacuation.


“The Premises Information Box is a fantastic example of what
can be achieved by the Fire & Rescue Service working in collaboration and partnership within the business sector plus private & public organisations to vastly improve the protection of the people inside buildings and, importantly, provide the essential accurate information immediately for firefighters who are called to any emergencies
that occur in them.”

Do You Require Assistance And Support With Your PIBs?

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