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The distinction between a fire strategy plan and a fire risk assessment can be summarised as follows: Fire strategy deals with the design of the building to comply with building regulations. A fire strategy plan is a plan of action aimed to accomplish a certain objective, such as fire protection measures. This procedure is focused with the physical aspect of things, such as physical systems.

The people are the missing component. The key features of the building, as well as all of its fire safety packages, risks, and equipment, such as fire extinguishers, are all evaluated in the fire risk assessment. However, it also considers the individuals in the equation. The FRA isn’t activated until individuals have taken up residence. Once people have moved in, the design and risk may change. Individuals make choices and changes that may have an impact on safety.

How Much Does a Fire Risk Assessment Cost?

The cost of a fire risk assessment varies depending on the size of your business and the size of your building.

What Affects the Cost of a Fire Risk Assessment?

  • Size and complexity of the building or premises

  • Number of floors and rooms to be assessed

  • Type of occupancy (residential, commercial, industrial, etc.)

  • Accessibility and ease of inspection

  • Age and condition of the building

  • Specific fire hazards or risks present

  • Scope of the assessment (e.g., basic assessment vs. comprehensive assessment)

  • Geographic location of the building

  • Expertise and qualifications of the assessor

  • Additional services required (such as creating an evacuation plan)

  • Legal requirements and regulations in the specific jurisdiction.

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