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Digital Fire Records Logbook

Create Your Free Digital Logbook & Access Manuals

We’ve partnered with Tio to move our clients to digital fire logbooks.

The award-winning app for managing fire safety – make your fire safety simpler, smarter and easier for everyone.

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Digital Fire Records

Digital Fire Records will guide you through the melee of regulation and compliance so you’ll know exactly what to do, when and how to do it – automatically evidencing your due diligence for future reference.

Cloud-based and permitted under BS 5839-1, Tio Fire Safety’s digital fire logbook is designed to replace a range of paper logbooks. It’s pre-configured to bring together a huge number of fire, safety and security topics in one place.

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What Is A Digital Log Book?

A digital fire logbook is an online version of a traditional paper-based fire logbook, used to record and store information related to fire safety checks, maintenance, and emergency procedures.

Will I Lose My Paper Copy?

No, simply upload a scan of your paper fire logbook to your account and pick up from where you left off with your next entry.

Will The Information Be Secure?

Tio digital fire logbooks use secure servers and encryption to protect the data stored. Only authorised personnel in your organisation can update the information in your digital fire logbook.

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