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Plumis Automist SmartScan – a modern and efficient fire sprinkler for enhanced fire protection

In order to deliver exceptional service to our valued clients, we have established a strategic collaboration with MC Fire Protection, a well-regarded company based in Bristol. As an approved Automist accredited installer, MCFP provides their services across the SouthWest region.

Our commitment to exceeding expectations extends beyond conducting thorough fire risk assessments. We strive to go the extra mile by facilitating direct connections between our clients and trusted, approved suppliers. By working closely together, we ensure that the action plans resulting from these assessments are comprehensible to both the responsible person and the contractor involved.

Lets delve into the Plumis Automist SmartScan product and highlight its cutting-edge features in fire safety protection.

Automist system open plan living

what's is Automist?

Automist® is an award winning, sophisticated water mist fire extinguisher system, considered to be a more technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing upgrade to traditional fire sprinklers.

The Automist® system, developed by Plumis, is a wall-mounted water sprinkler that uses smart technology to target and extinguish all types of fires. Its innovative SmartScan design allows for rapid and efficient fire suppression using a targeted water mist system.

Plumis initially developed an under kitchen tap mounted water suppression system, which is still available for a Fire Engineering approach or as an enhanced Fire Safety feature. Following this design system a fixed head wall-mounted system, which proved very popular, easier to fit and more versatile, was then designed.

Advancements in technology saw the introduction of a SmartScan fixed head system, whereby a rotating nozzle is fixed on the wall 1220-1400mm up from the floor. Fire will activate the spray head via a ceiling-mounted heat detector.

The SmartScan system uses one discharge head per pump. Further advancements in technology, testing and validity led to the launch of the Hydra® system where each pump can now activate up to 6 discharge heads. This advancement has allowed us greater ease and flexibility to fit this world-class system into a wider variety of new and existing commercial or residential properties.

Plumis’ Automist® SmartScan is the only water mist system in the UK to be third-party tested by Exova Warrington fire and scrutinised by BSI. The innovative water mist system went through rigorous testing on near, far, shielded and ventilated fires and passed all the vital safety checks required on conventional and water mist fire sprinklers, as set by BS 9252 and BS 8458. Therefore, this system has a Registered Detail and Certificate of Verification.

benefits to the auto mist system

How Automist works.

1. In the event of a fire, the system is triggered automatically by a ceiling mounted detector.

2. Automist’s sprayheads will scan the room to look for temperature changes indicating a fire.

3. If danger is detected, the sprayhead best positioned to tackle it targets it with watermist.

4. Watermist removes heat, suppressing the fire while minimising water damage.

automist system demo within open plan living

Often used for open plan living areas to reduce to risk on escape routes via risk rooms, kitchens and other high fire risk areas.

Standards and Compliance for automist.

Several alternative guidance documents support the use of Automatic water fire suppression systems (AWFSS) to meet building regulations:

  • BS 9991:2015 Fire safety in the design, management and use of residential buildings. Code of practice

  • BS 7974:2019 Application of fire safety engineering principles to the design of buildings. Code of practice

To learn more about Automist's conformity to BS8458 view page 14 of our Design Installation and Operation Manual, download our Manufacturer's Declaration of Conformity (MDOC), and review page 2 of BSI verification certificate.

automist design within large kitchen area.

automist wall mounted supply box

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Nathan Blackburn
Nathan Blackburn
Dec 23, 2023

The fire sprinkler installation by Locksmith Myrtle Beach company is a true marvel. Its advanced features and efficiency speak volumes about the company's dedication to staying ahead in the field. A commendable effort in ensuring the highest level of fire protection.

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