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Fire safety inspections and enforcement, Devon and Somerset

Within this post we look at fire safety inspections and enforcement.

On average Devon and Somerset fire and rescue regularly inspect, and conduct fire safety inspections and enforcement to around 5000 premises a year. To make sure they are complying with the law.

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Your fire safety inspection and what to expect

During an inspection, the local authorities will want to find out whether you’re prepared in case of fire. They will ask you a few questions and may ask you to provide evidence to support your answers. They will have a look around the premises and check your escape routes. They may also wish to talk to employees to confirm their level of fire safety awareness.

What the inspectors are looking for?

During your inspection the officer will be considering:

  • what you are doing to reduce the risk of fire?

  • what you are doing to reduce the risk of the spread of fire?

  • are there enough escape routes (corridors, stairs and doors) for people in case of fire?

  • what are you doing to make sure that escape routes (corridors, stairs and doors) are safe to use when needed?

  • what are you doing to detect fire and raise an alarm?

  • do people (staff/visitors) understand what to do if fire breaks out?

  • what would you do to fight an outbreak of fire?

  • what are you doing to ensure that the effects of a fire are as small as possible?

  • how are you maintaining your fire safety measures?

Documents the local authorities might need to see during your inspection

They may want to see a copy of your:

  • fire risk assessment

  • premises plan

  • emergency evacuation plan

  • testing and maintenance certificates/records staff training plan.

reviewing fire safety

If improvements are needed after your inspection.

If the local authority fire and rescue service don't feel that you are keeping people safe in case of fire they will tell you what you need to do to improve safety. They will take enforcement action that is necessary and proportionate.

They may:

  • give you an informal notice detailing the areas that you need to improve work with your Primary Authority partner, if you have one

  • where serious deficiencies have been identified or a previous informal notice has not been acted on, an enforcement notice will be issued detailing the corrective action needed and a timescale in which you must complete the work.

If there is a serious risk to life

If there is a serious and imminent risk to life, they can and will issue a prohibition notice. Parts of, or the entire premises, may be restricted or prohibited until improvements are made.


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Joshua Davies
Joshua Davies
Oct 18, 2023

Thanks to the Locksmith Portland company's fire safety inspection, we now have greater confidence in the safety of our building. Their thorough evaluation and expert recommendations have given us peace of mind.

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